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Excel Click and Go Lite Powerpack

Excel Click and Go Lite Powerpack

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A lightweight easy to mount power pack


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The Excel Click and Go Lite powerpack can be easily mounted to a wide range of wheelchairs with seat widths between 16" - 20". Its lightweight and easy to remove battery makes it light enough to lift and transport. The Click & Go Lite comes equipped with two drive wheels for traction and stability and can easily switch between forward and reverse drive.

The speed is controlled by the speed dial and there is a trigger lever to operate the power pack. When you don't need to use the power the wheels can easily be lifted by a strap which hooks onto the attendant handle so that the wheelchair reverts to being a manual wheelchair. With a 5 mile range from a single charge this model is ideal for everyday use.

Excel Click and Go Lite Features

• Forward and reverse function
• Easily attached and removed from most wheelchairs
• Easily removed from the wheelchair for transport
• Lifts off of the floor when not in use
• Two drive wheels for stability traction and power


Excel Click and Go Lite Specifications:
Batteries    12v 18ah
Total Height   29.5 cms
Total Length    36cms
Total Width   25cms
Motor Power    150w
Range    5 miles / 8kms
Top Speed    3 mph
Total Weight    13kgs
Manufacturer    Van Os Medical