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Latest Client Testimonials


A good site for buying a rollator as we did. Lots of choice and the prices seem very fair considering the free delivery.

JD Grant Lincoln


We'd like to thank you for the 5 star treatment and your help on the telephone in selecting the right wheelchair for my husband. It was delivered on time and has been used everyday since. I would thouroughly recommend shopping here.

Anne Heart Cirencester

We got a good price on the shower chair for my mother. It does the job and was delivered on time thank you.

JW Islington

Having looked for some suitable wheelchair accessories we found the ponch here and bought the wheelchair bag straight away. It is ideal and fits the transit perfectly.

Sue P. Harrow


We looked all over for the reno powerchair and ended up buying it here. The price was the lowest we could find and it arrived on time on the Wednesday so we can't fault the transaction.

S.R. Gilpin Reading

Since the fall my dad has been unsteady on this feet and the new shower chair has made bathing far easier. We didnt realise they came with wheels so wanted to thank you for the advice we got and the quick delivery the follwoing day. Thanks again Sally

S. Minton Cheshire


We couldnt find the walker cheaper anywhere so bought it here and got it the following morning. Found the site really cheap and got free delivery up to the flat. Excellent service all round

Liz Smith Coventry

We got the Roma Reno delivered to the house and assembled which didnt take long. We like it a lot and its battery goes on and on compared to the old powerchair that we have. Thank you for the sound advice and quick delivery. 

A. M. Wall Swansea


I found this company very good to buy from with my new wheelchair being delivered to my home in less than 24 hours of placing the order. The Karma wheelchair is a fantastic model so all in I'm very happy with the purchase and the service provided. Thank you.

G. Timmins

I wanted to let you know how well the rollator walker is helping. It was the right buy and did arrive the next day as you stated. I will definitely recommend your website to my friends.

A. Hawsthorne Tetbury


A big thank you for the speedy delivery of the wheelchair powerpack after the last one packed in over Christmas. The new model seems to go much further on a battery charge and charges quicker than the last so we're both very pleased with it.

A. Gibbins N. London


Good wheelchair ramps from this company and the courier dropped them within 24 hours. Cheapest i could find online so definitely worth a recommendation and cheaper than the local mobilityshop.

DW Adams Gloucester

We recently purchased a Drive Medical triwalker for my father which arrived the very next day and was in use within hours. It is perfect for his needs around the house. A big thank you for helping us to find the right model.

K. Churchward


I looked everywhere for a shower chair and found the Atlantic model here at a good price. Everything else was easy and the order arrived on time. I would definitely shop here again.

E. Thompson Cleveland N. Yorks

A special thank you to the lady who sent the wheelchair bag which arrived the next day allowing us to get away. It is a quality bag and easily big enough for my 18" wheelchair.

Claire harris Hereford

We got a great deal on the wheelchair power pack and it is working well. Delivery was prompt even before Christmas. I would definitely recommend this company for good pricing and swift dispatch of goods.

I. Dennis


Buying a shower chair for my mother was the right move and is helping her with her dailiy routines no end. Many thanks for the advice and helping me chose the most suitable chair.

Kim St. Faiths

The new powerpack is wonderful and fitted the old wheelchair without problem. Thanks for the buying advice and excellent service.

Dr A. Bagshaw

We jst returned a hire wheelchair after 3 weeks. It worked out really well  and we now want to buy that exact model as it is superior to the one we have back at home.

Anne neath S. Wales


We bought some ramps for the wheelchair here and the service was second to none and the ramps arrived on the right day. They are useful and much easier to use than expected.

John Wray Preston Lancs.

The hire wheelchair was very comfortable and looked brand new. The drop off and collection went as planned and overall it was a very good value rental thank you. We will use you again next year.

W. Tibbs Warrington


Having returned from our first holiday in 2 years i must thank you for the advice on the right travel wheelchair. It is very light and proved essential while in some long queues. I would definitely recommend this shop for low prices, advice and availability.

D. Mathias

A big thank you to the lady who provided us with advice on the purchase of the showerchair last week. It is probably something that we should have bought a long time ago and it makes bathing a far more relaxed experience.

S. Keene N. London

If you have ever wondered about buying a wheelchair powerpack i suggest that you get one. We did recently for my father in laws wheelchair and it has made all the difference to us all. We are now happy to take him out locally which is hilly but it means that he gets out more often than before. It was fairly easy to fit to his chair and is certainly easy to control. We bought here as there was a good range and the prices seemed favourable compared to other inline places. Delivery was as stated and was free.

Kim Downing Notts.


I received the reclinging Ugo wheelchair last week and have used it daily since. Im very impressed with the quality and the ability to fully recline, further than the tilting model that i used previously.

A.T. Berry

A reliable outfit to buy from, we ordered two tri walkers and they arrived pre midday as arranged. The delivery driver was good enough to lift them both in to the house where we unpacked and assembled one in minutes. Price wise you were also cheaper than the local mobility shop in town, so very pleased overall thank you.


A cheap place to buy a wheelchair we found out having looked everywhere for the lightweight VanOs wheelchair that we took delivery of this week. It is a joy to use and far more comfortable than the old steel wheelchair which is heavy so has now been retired.

Alan Moxham

Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of the shower chair and commode. Although we dont use the commode it was not much more than s basic shower chair so we bought a combination model.

Mrs J. Kitson Falmouth


I am enjoying using the new Freedomchair very much and wanted to let you know. Although compact it is incredibly comfortable and fun to use. Far better than my previuos electric wheelchair which failed after many years. Many thanks for the efficient delivery last month.

Derek Jones Swansea

We purchased two shower chairs recently and have to say what a big difference they have made. We are now able to get mother washed with minimum fuss and no risk of a fall. So simple but very effective to use.

Sue MacT. Stroud


I just wanted to thank everyone a U- GO. I order the Drive Medical lightweight suspension rollator for my father and he is delighted with it, it has made his life much easier.The team at U-GO went the extra mile to make sure the delivery went to plan and my father said he found assembling the rollator really straightforward. I would certainly recommend U-GO to everyone, thank you.

C Dobson, Scottish Borders

My partner and i have bought twice from this site and each time have received the goods the next morning. The wheelchair powerpack is excellent and was fairly easy to fit and saves my poor back when going up the hills locally. We really should have bought one years ago. A good company to deal with.

G & S Cromwell Perth Scotland

A quick thank you for rapid delivery of our the wheelchair prior to the bank holiday week end. It is comfy and light so ticked both boxes. It is far easier to use than the previous steel model and was delivered on time.

J. Tibbits Bath


The rollz rollator was delivered earlier thna expected and is simply brilliant. My mother has taken to it in a meeter of a few days and is now far more content while making her way around the home.

Anne Marshal Avon Somerset

I'd like to thak you team for sendingout the shower chair so quickly. It is making a big difference and making bathing so much easier than before. I wouldnt hesistate to buy from the wheelchair company again.

J. Simms Orpington

Cheap wheelchair and good customer serivce. We couldnt ask for more having looked for the days wheelchair elsewhere it was out of stock but we got ours the very next day and are very pleased with it.

Arthur Tillingto Shrewsbury


Brilliant service from a knowledgable team. I couldn’t find the Windsor shower chair for less so bought here and received it the following day as promised. I can't fault the service and helpful when i called.

Nimmo Roath, Cardiff

I'd like to thank the lady i spoke with on 3 occa2sions who was very good helping me to select the right powerchair as my old electric wheelchair gave up. The Roma powerchair is definitely a lot more suitable and easier to drive than my previous chair. I would suggest anyone looking for a Roma shops here as i found their price to be lower than others.

Crump Preston Lancs.


A quick thank you for the speedy delivery of the self propelled wheelchair which arrived the next day. We got it setup in a few minutes and it seems like its been in use ever since. Very comfortable with the extra cushion that we bought.

We recently purchased a shower chair online from you and have to say its the best thing we've done. Although i was managing standing this has made bathing a pleasure again rather than a quick in and out of the shower. Many thanks for helping us select the Hallaton shower chair.

J and M Minton Coventry

We bought the transit wheelchair for my dad about two months ago to take him for his Jab. It is getting used more and more and is easy to stick in the car to get him out for a trip when the weather is suitable. It fits in our Micra surprisingly easy. A perfect solution and quite inexpensive.

Middleton Nuneaton


The Days rollator is working our very well for my mother. Many thanks for the sound advice.

John Osmond Gloucester

We recently rented a wheelchair for 2 weeks while my leg was in plaster. A great service with efficient delivery and collection. I would definitely recommend you for wheelchair hire.

Simmons Bath


A big thank you for great service immediately before Christmas. We got the rollator the morning that my mother arrived and managed to assemble it before midday. It is a great model and helps with her walking a lot.

Mr N. Prowse Plymouth

We recently purchased the roma reno electric wheelchair and are very happy with it indeed. It is incredibly easy to use and small enough to go in our porch as tohme so we're both very happy with it and may buy another next year.

Margaret S. Lincoln

The prompt delivery was really appreaicated and the shower chair is in use already makes the whole process a lot easier thank you

Max Endecott Bury


We bought a transit wheelchair here last week. Good pricing and swift delivery so very pleased indeed.

Dave L. Morecombe Lancs.

My dad is very pleased with the shower chair which has made his daily regie far easier and renewed his confidence while showering. Many thanks for the help you gave to select the most suitable model.

Sarah M. Lancaster

Please thank the lady who helped us select the right rollator. My mother has beenusing it for a week now and i can see she is very comfortable with it now she has used it for a while. It is perfect, many thanks Sally.

Sal Mcpharlane

We don't often write reviews but felt we ought to on this occassion as the rollator which we bought is proving invaluable and we wanted to help the gent who suggested that we bought the Rollz Motion model. It is far more expensive than some other models but is beautifully made and very simple for me to use.

Helen Healley Hull


We were really impressed with the whole process. We called and asked for a bit of advice about the shower chair and the lady gave us lots of her time. We placed the order online and received the Windsor shower chair before midday the next day. We really couldn’t ask for more and would thoroughly recommend this shop to everyone.

Mr and Mrs K Ashton. Staffs.

We purchased a heavy duty wheelchair for my father and delivery was next day. The wheelchair is BIG and absolutely ideal with a wider seat than most. He's very pleased with it and urged me to post a thank you comment.

Natalie N. Peterborough

This is the second time we have bought a wheelchair here. Both times we got speedy delivery decent quality mobility equipment. Good prices so I cannot complain !

J. Burroughs Canterbury


A big thank you for the prompt delivery of the heavy duty wheelchair which is now in use and earning its keep. The Atlas wheelchair is certainly solid and It is really wide so a great fit for my husband who is on the large side.

Jean M. Exeter Devon

We recently bought a whower chair which is used in the shower and makes life far easier not having to stand the whole time. We should have bought one years ago now that we see just how useful it is and not a lot of money either.

Mrs K. Mionton Chester

The aluminium rollator is proving really useful around the house and helps me get my things from the kitchen in to the lounge. Many thanks to the lady for the assistance in chosing the right one and getting it delivered so fast.

A. Kelly Darwen Lancs.


I bought a new VanOs G-Explorer wheelchair a month ago and have used it daily since. it is a wonderful wheelchair that gives improved freedom with its chunky tyres allowing me to go on paths and tracks that i had to avoid before. Thank you to thelady who put me on to the G-Explorer it has made a real difference this usmmer.

Max Kent

A great rollator and quick delivery cannot fault this online shop, my mother is really happy with it thanks again. J

Julie B Oldham

We took delivery of the childrens wheelchair mid last week and are very impressed with it overall and it is certainly easier to use than the previous model. All in all very happy and would recommend this site to anyone else looking for good deals on mobility kit.

John Cooper Plymouth


We are enjoying the new freedom chair very much indeed and it allows us to get out far more often as we used to do. It is a very useful electric wheelchair and once you get used to the controls it is a pleasure to operate.

Martin Guest N. London

Please express my thankfulness to your team for helping me decide which rollator to buy. The Nitro is just the trick for our needs and costed far less than we thought it would. Thanks again.

Rod and Irene Darlington

Wheelchair hire with these folk was easy and timely. The wheelchair looked new and was delivered on time and collected equally efficiently. If you want wheelchair rental than look no further i can thouroughly recommend this site for 5 star treatment.

Glenn M. Lewisham


Having fitted the wheelchair ramps we are delighted with the outcome and can now roam freely in both the front and back gardens. A brilliant product at a fair price and as you point out they were really easy to fit.

Anne Shaw Bideford

Many thanks for the advice on selecting the best rollator for my aging mum. The nitro model does seem absolutely perfect for her and we are able to take it out when we go for short walks locally.

D. Stutterford Norwich

We bought the wheelchair powerpack on line and got it delivered the following day. The twin wheel version does have a lot more power and is able to drive the wheelchair up some of the steepr hills locally without any problem. I wiah we had bought this model originally and thank you for suggesting the TGA model

Mrs P. Mitchell Andover


My father is very pleased with the heavy duty wheelchair which we took delivey of last week so thank you for organising the shipping. It has that extra space being wider by 2 inches so his days are more comfortable by far.

Gill. Oxford

The Nitro rollator is brilliant and mum loves it so thank for the advice over the phone last week. I think we may get another to put in the car.

S. Robinson Wrexham

We bought a shower seat here and have used it every day since it was delivered. It makes the whole job a lot easier and allows me to stay in the shower for longer without concerns of my legs letting me down. It really is a must for anyone who has stability problems when standing.

M. Scriven Penzance


Many thanks for the swift delivery of the transit wheelchair. It is as you said very light in weight and easy to use within the house. The big test will be when we're allowed out and my partner can push me to the park. Thanks again.

Anne S. St Helens Lancs.

A good company to buy online from with favourable pricing. Our wheelchair arrived damaged and was replaced within 24 hours so very impressed in this day and age as most companies would dilly dally.

John Rowe Taunton

On return from our holiday in January we bought a transport wheelchair but failed to leave a review. it is very helpful for those small journeys where a bigger heavy wheelchair is just not needed. For the money is is a God send and we couldn't manage without it these days.

A. F. Learson


A quick thank you to the lady who was very helpful and assisted my husband and I to select a reclining wheelchair. We have had it for 3 weeks now and it is certainly working well and allowing him to get more comfort and rest. many many thanks

Jeane Conolly

A great site to deal with and timely delivery even during these uncertain times.

Clive D. Wonsworth

My dad asked me to order some wheelchair ramps and fortunately the lady was able to offer some good advice on the type of ramo needed. The threshold ramps are now in place and making all the difference. Thanks guys !

Claire B. Bournemouth


The Freedom chair has transformed my daily life. It is so nimble that I use it inside and when I go out and so far have not been disapointed with the range. I wanted to thank the sales advisor lady who suggested the freedom chair as it is far better suited for me than a regular electric wheelchair.

M. Colman Leics.

Delivery was on time on Saturday and we were using the reclining wheelchair by lunchtime. Easy to setup and so much lighter in weight than the old steel model we have had for years so overall we're delighted with the purchase.

E. Craynton Inverness

A great site for cheap rollators. We bought one called a Notro which is excellent and very easy to use. Thanks for the help on the phone we are sure we couldnt have bought a better one.

D.G. Wilmot


We bought a Freedom electric wheelchair in November and have used it daily since without any problems. A great powerchair for everyday use and an unbelievably long range even where we live in hilly Northumberland.

Reg White Kelso

Im more than happy with the Esteem whelchair which we had delivered in the new year. It is remarably light in weight and far easier to handle than the old steel framed wheelchair. A very good service with prompt delivery.

P. Martock Nottingham

We got a set of lightweight wheelchair ramps and had them installed at the front of the house to get easier access from the garage. They are working out brilliantly and were easy to fit.

D. Whittaker Dunstable Beds.


Many many thank you's for the prompt delivery of the Freedom electric wheelchair which we recieved last week. It is very easy to control and use in the house which was a problem with the older model. Over all im delighted to use the Freedom chair.

Alan Kennet Manchester

Im really pleased with the shower chair and wish i had bought one months ago as it makes the whole experience far easier. I would recommend one for anyone with standing stability problems.

Sarah Keene

My son ordered the Eclipse wheelchair which is aluminium and much lighter than my previous steel wheelchair making it much easier to handle in and out of the car. It is going to be a big improvment so thank you for your help with this.

Dr Sabelier S. London UK


A good range of reclining wheelchairs and the model we bought is excellent so i would definitely recommend this web site.

Mr D. LLantrisant S. Wales

I took delivery of my new Freedom chair three weeks ago and have only recently fonund time to thank you for the advice and next day delivery of the chair. It has without doubt changed my routine and allows me to get about like i used to. It is different from my previous electric wheelchair but once used to is simply brilliant both inside the house and outside.

G. Healey Manchester

A quick note of thankyou for delivering the new G Explorer wheelchair as quickly as you did. It arrived in time for me to enjoy fireworks night in the local park and is a great wheelchair indeed.

Anne GD Telford

The shower chair is the best buy ever and has made my daily routine so much easier. Thanks to the girl for the advice on which model to pick. We got it next day for no extra money.

G. Tindall Gloucester

I was passed this web site by a friend who has bought from it recently. We went on to buy a Sirocco electric wheelchair and saved hundreds of pounds and the service and delivery was spot on so i thought it would be nice to post a review.

Jean G. Warrington


My mother recently purchased her second rollator from this site and is very happy indeed as the Topro range are very pricey elsewhere. We now have two and both are superb and easy to stick in the car boot when we take her out. Thank you for your help in placing the order.

Mrs Liz Lawson Stroud

Service second to none with good advice and quick delivery of my sons new wheelchair. I dont often review but this time it was worth it.

C. Henderson Ipswich

We recently hired a wheelchair for a month which went very well. Easy drop off and collection and the wheelchair was as new. I would definitely recommend this company if you need to rent a wheelchair for a trip to the UK.

Sandy Lawson NY

We bought a powerpack for my dads wheelchair and had it fitted in a few minutes then had to wait for it to fully charge. A great piece of kit and we far cheaper than buying from the local mobility shop here in Hounslow.

Lee M. W. London


The showerchair works well in the wet room and means that my father can shower daily once again. A great design and dries really quickly.

L Tibbets. Stourbridge

I took delivery of the reclinng wheelchair last month and have used it ever since. It has made a marked difference to my comfort and i wanted to thank you for the help given in selecting the right one.

Mrs L Mitchell Norwich

With so much choice we found the site a bit bewildering but a when we called we got some good advice and are very pleased with the Pride wheelchair that was delivered last week. We found the wheelchair company very good folk to deal with, there were no hidden costs and it was delivered on time.

Helen Winters Stourbridge

I bought the wheelchair powerpack here after looking about. We saved a lot of money and it was easy to fit and charges fairly quickly. Im very pleased with it and it gets me out and about like before.

G. Sharpe Kilmarnock

Bought the ExplorerG wheelchair from VanOs to replace the old one. Brilliant buy and gets me out more often.

Ian K. Dundee

August 2019

A big thank you to the lady who put me on to the tiliting Integra shell seat which is proving perfect for our needs. A wheelchair was no longer needed but the shell seat gives far more comfort and tilts nicely. I would highly recommend both the seat and the company for their low prices and good advice.

J. Pollard Wimbledon

The wheelchair powerpack has changed things for us and made getting out so much easier. I wish we had invested in this a few years ago but we're now able to enjoy the summer and not worry about hills any longer. My dad is not getting any lighter and this power pack moves the wheelchair effortlessly.

Karen Jenkins Herts.

I'm very pleased with the reclining wheelchair that we purchased in June. It has been in use virtually every day since and is proving very comfortable and making our daily routing so much easier. I'd like to thank the lady who helped us with its selection and then arranged quick delivery to our home here in Hereford.

Christine Blake Ledbury

We bought my fathers aluminium wheelchair here and saved lots. A knowlegable lady put us on to a model that was far cheaper than those available locally in the mobility shop.

Alan Dodd. Leeds

Shower chair arrvied on time and is just the job. Many thanks Anne

Anne Lidstow Pembrokeshire

July 2019

We bought the Freedom electric wheelchair here for my father and we hardly see him now ! It is great to see him get his independence back and be able to get out more regularly. A brilliant powerchair which is also fairly fast.

H. Moone

Very many thanks for arranging the wheelchair hire so promptly. The chair fitted well and was udes everyday durnjg our recent trip to London. On reflection i will replace mine soon as the one we rented was such a lightweight wheelchair it made everything easier.

Mrs I Carter DunFrees

Many thanks for the quick delivery of the tiliting wheelhair which arrived yesterday. It was suggested that a reclining model would make a lot of difference to comfort levels and it certainly has and we spent less than we thought we'd have too.

Mrs E. McCall

Im very pleased with the rollator which was delivered to my mothers last week. She has taken to it well and finds it easy to use around the house and garden.

Mrs J. Lowry

June 2019

A reliable operator with quick delivery. Price of the wheelchair we bought was far lower than in the shop nearby.

SAM L. Chiswick

The wheelchair ramps are now in place and make access to the garden a doddle. Probably something that we should have done a few years ago but didnt realsie how easy it would be to install.

Ken M. Bolton Lancs.

A belated thank you for the help and quick delivery of the tri walker which has been used daily since it arrived. I really couldnt manage without it now.

Eileen Coulter

May 2019

Having purchased the wheelchair ramps last week they are now in place and working out a treat. We have been able to get out in the garden without going around the houses although its not so warm so the trip back inside is quicker and easier. A fantastic product and very easy to put in place.

Dave Adams Huddersfield

My dad is over the moon with the wheelchair powerpack having been so reluctant to get one. It really does make the difference and means that he and his friend can go out more often and further without the worry of runnng out of steam. A brilliant buy at a good price thank you to the lady who helped.

Lisa J. Goss

A BIG thanks to you for making the purchase of the recliner wheelchair so much easier. We had looked for a long while without buying but found the Esteem model more affordable than others and its now in use and working out well.

A. Brown Leicester

April 2019

Just emailing to say a big thank you for the support you provided last week. We took your advice and bought the reclining wheelchair which is working out really well. Thanks again.

Robin Hunter. Grinsdale Carlisle

We bought 2 diamond rollators for the house, one for upstairs and the landing and one for downstairs. Nice bits of kit and much cherished by my mother who is now on the move once again.

Darren K. Chelmsford

Im very pleased to say that the rolllator arrived on time and does the trick. Its nice to see my wife on her feet and stable once again.

Mr N. Hemming Loughborough

We looked all over but found that these prices couldn’t be beaten so bought the Karma reclining wheelchair which we had delivered to our home the following day without charge. We found them very helpful and knowledgeable on the phone which prompted us to place the order. We would definitely recommend and purchase here again.

L. Beaumont Huddersfield

March 2019

We bought a rollator walker for my mother who has taken to using it daily since its delivery in January. A bit of good advice goes along way and she is enjoying her improved mobility.

J. Hassens Leominster

The wheelchair ramps are working out well and have now been fitted permanently to allow me to get out in the garden this Spring. Thank you for the advice you gave when we called.

Margaret Hearne Witherby West Yorks

A great site to buy from, we have bought two wheelchairs here in the past 12 months and have found them to be the cheapest around on both occasions and wouldn't hesitate to recommend using them.

Claire C. St Johns Care homes

February 2019

We would like to thank the gent who helped us to purchase the Energi powerchair that we took delivery of yesterday. We opted for your assembly service and the demonstration at the end was invaluable as the chair is rather different to our old electric wheelchair. It is a great service and one that i would strongly recommend to anyone who buys a new powechair.

E. Sharpe Brighton

A big thanks to the helpful lady who suggested the Z-Tec wheelchair. It does the job nicely and goes in the car without any fuss. A good company to buy from and very speedy delivery.

J. Sparkes Canterbury

A quick thank you email for the assistance in picking the right reclining wheelchair for my mother who took a fall recently. Although reluctant initially she now enjoys being on the wheelchair and appreciated your help.

M. Howden UK

January 2019

We ordered a heavy duty extra wide wheelchair which is surprisingly light and easy to fold now that it has been used a few times. I wouldnt hesitate to buy here again as we were given some good advise and the pricing well within our budget.

Kim Davies Warwickshire

The speedy delivery of the Freedom powerchair was excellent. It has been in use daily for a week now and is better then i expected with huge battery life compared to my last electric wheelchair which was too cumbersome. Good customer service and clear communication about the delivery so Im a very happy customer indeeed.

R. Woodward Leamington Spa

A quick note to say thank you for your help late last year in finding the right childrens wheelchair. This narrow model is of perfect size and does give more support than the other one that we were using as a temporary measure.  We would definitely recommend your company to others.

Rose Clarke Oxfordshire

I purchased a Joyrider electric wheelchair from your shop early in the new year and am finding it brilliant for my purposes. As a result of this buy, im able to get out more often and with ease and the battery charge is fantastic. Although not a typical design this is a great powerchair for anyone who is considering buying one.

Ade Joyce N. London

December 2018

Many thanks for the punctual delivery of the Freedom wheelchair. This folds away and goes in my Smart Car so easily and has transformed my life allowing me to be entirely self sufficient once again. Fantastic thank you

C. Anderson Kent

We hired a transit wheelchair for four weeks whilst in the UK and found the service to be reliable and reasonable cost wise far less than we would pay back home.

Dan Rousden CA.

Excellent wheelchair rental service provided with a nice new looking wheelchair which was dropped on time and collected on time and the charge was very fair, far cheaper than others that we have used in the past.

N. Nicholls Leeds

November 2018

Good value with prompt delivery - would definitely buy here again. Mark.

Dr M. Badrock

An electric great power pack that is easy to fit to the wheelchair. Next day delivery was good and we used it the day after the order was placed so can't complain.

G. Marsden

Having visited two local shops we couldnt match the price of this site for the exact same G-Explorer wheelchair so we bought online and cannot fault the service and delivery. The VanOs wheelchair was easy enough to put to gether and has been used every day since it arrived at the end of October. We want to support the high street but we saved so much we couldnt afford to miss out.
Mrs M Mitchell
Thanks for all your help in chosing the most suitable wheel chair for our needs. Our son came over at the week end and had it assembled in 5 minutes. It fits in the car when we need to go out and makes lief so much easier.
S. Woodward

October 2018

Great customer service and quick delivery. Where we live it's often difficult to get next day but the new Days Swift chair arrived as promised by midday on Tuesday and we're more than pleased with it. Would definitely recommend this company.

Mr G. Dunsford

We bought a UGO relcliner wheelchair which we have had now for 6 weeks. It was a fraction of the price of the Karma equivelent and made equally well so we're very happy.

Mrs S. Scriven Scarborough

The roll up aluminium wheelchair rampis used daily in our new home and works a dream. Thank you for the recommendation and friendly service.

N. Clarke

September 2018

The reclining wheelchair is proving to be the best buy of the year, it was easy to assemble and does fit in the car when we need to go elsewhere. I would definitely reccomend this company who clearly know their stuff and the delivery was prompt.

K. MacTaggart Edinburgh

Wheelchair hire with this company was refreshingly easy. A nice chair and reliable delivery and collection. I would defintely reccomend them if you are looking to rent a wheelchair in the UK.

Graham Deene

Many thanks for the prompt delivery of the Topro rollator which arrived on Monday morning. It is working out well and is easier to use than I had expected. good both in the house but also when i venture out in to the lovely gardens here at the home.

J. Franklin Herts.


August 2018

I wanted to say how pleased I am with the new Eclipse wheelchair that arrived a week ago. We had it assembled in just a few minutes and have used it every day since with outings along the river at Medway. I stronlgy recommend buying from this site as they do exactly what they say and were very heklpful in making sure that i bought the right wheelchair for my needs.

The Nitro rollator is working out well and my mother loves it. Probably something i sholud have bought many months ago. Thanks for helping to select a lightweight rmodel.

Jean Francis Newmarket

A good company to deal with we bought wheelchair ramps and couldnt find them cheaper anywhere else and we dont have many mobility shops up here.

John T. Cumbernauld

Dave T. Maidstone

A big thank you or the quick delivery of the Freedom electric wheelchair that is proving a life saver in this heat allowing me to get out and about with ease. It fits in the car ( small car) with no trouble and is light enough to lift in. A great wheelchair for anyone like me who wants to get out and go further than my legs will allow!

Mrs N Ashton Blackburn Lancs.

July 2018

I fitted the wheelcahir ramps last week end and can report back that they are very well made, strong and are working well for my dad in his garden allowing him to get out there more in his freedom electrci wheelchair.I think i'll be back for more as he is hatching plans for more freedom. May thanks for the adivce when i was buying.

Ken Deene Knaresborough

Dealing with this company has been seriously easy. Very friendly and assistive staff. Superb service can not praise more highly.

M. J Prescott

I wanted to thank you for the stunnning service that was provided when we needed assistance. The advice you gave us has poven invaluable and the 16" wheelchair is proving perfect in size and whistles through our narrow doorways. Thank you once again

Karl Wignal

The photo speaks volumes with our grandson smiling in his new wheelchair. It is far lighter than the one that we were loaned from the hospital and folds nicely in to the car boot space. Hopefully we will only need it for a matter of weeks as the leg heels so many thanks for your help in pointing us in the right direction.

J. Kowalski Milford Haven

Thank you for the special deivery on the Saturday, it allowed us to get away as planned for the week. The reclining wheelchair is working out well and making life a lot more comfortable for my sister.

Mrs C. Ryan

June 2018

We thought we would drop you a quick email to thank you for the assistance in selecting the most suitable transit wheelchair for our needs and the Esteem model is great and much lighter to lift than the old steel model that we're used to so we are very happy indeed and spent far less than we were anticipating.

Mrs Anne Adams Warwick

The wheelchair powerpack turned up within 24 hours and has been used every day since. In the hot weather it is a God send as I dont have to struggle with the hills. Its a great product and charges nicely.

Dave Andrews Aberdeeshire

A great company to deal with. We got the reclining wheelchair delivered to us the next day and would have had to wait 2 weeks from the local mobilityshop and couldnt afford their price so we're very happy thank you.

Jean M. Ringwood

A quick thank you for helping us to find the right heavy duty wheelchair to fit my husband. It arrived on time and as you said is both wide and comfortable. We didnt know where to shop for a bariatric wheelchair but found you on google with ease.

D. Sutton Leeds

May 2018

The order was placed on Friday morning and we received the wheelchair on Saturday morning which cost a little extra but was needed as we left for our holiday that day. The reclining wheelchair has been a real changer for us and has made life so much easier and more comfortable. I would recommend buying with this company without hesitation.

Jean Heyward Shropshire

I took delivery of the replacement recliner wheelchair last week and have used it daily since. It is as you suggested far more comfortable when you use it in the reclined position and allows me to get more rest without having to transfer back to the bed. A fantastic buy thank you

S. Lord

Great prices here and no fuss. We ordered the transit wheelchair and got it and the cushion the following day. Nicely packaged and droppped to our door.

D. Hemming Maidstone

April 2018

We found this company good to deal with and certainly the delivery of the electric wheelchair was on time. We couldnt find it for less and indeed saved a considerable amount by shopping online.

Martin Williams Roath Cardiff

Thanks for all of your help in choosing the best type of wheelchair for my needs. It arrived the day after we ordered it and putting it together was simple as you said it would be despite never having done it before.

J. Hoggard Chelmsford

Many thanks for the quick delivery of our new reclining wheelchair which arrived the week before Easter. It has been in use ever since it arrived and is providing higher levels of comfort than the previous model that we were renting plus it is saving us a lot of money. A brilliant buy thank you.

Sally McEnzie

A BIG thank you to the kind man who helped us select a suitable wheelchair ramp to take with us on our caravan holiday. Having the ramps allowed us to come and go much easier and we'll be buying another set for the doorway that goes out to the garden at home.

D. Bowhay Rochester

March 2018

We recently bought a childrens wheelchair from yourselves and wanted to drop a note to say how helpful you were and how pleaed we are with the wheelchair. It is much simplet to use than the previous model and im told a lot more comfy.

D. Allen pembrokeshire

This was the best buy i made and i have fitted the wheelcahir ramps at my mothers and she can now come and go molre freely without constant assistance. They are stronger than i imagined and a doddle to fit so can now access the garden from the back of the house which was a no go for the wheelchair before so it is a great product.

Terry Dart

We planned to buy from a mobility shop nearby but with the weather and help from our daughter we bought a wheelchair online and had it delivered to our house. The Roma wheelchair is very smart and is just the right width so all worked out well. We'd like to thank the lady who helped us select this model as there was so many to chose from.

Mrs A. Howarth Chelmsford

A quick note of thank you for supplying the shower chair so quickly. It is ideal for my needs and actually makes the whole process so much easier with it being on wheels.

Tina Mitchell.

February 2018

We have been wanting to buy a power pack formy dads wheelchair and recently bought one from yourselves. It had made all the difference and allows us to get ou far more often than before and we now leave it on the wheelchair. Simply put, it is brilliant and we wanted to thank you for your help in finding the right one to buy and the RMA twin wheel one is definitely doing the job well.

C. Allen Pembroke

Quick delivery of the wheelchair the next day was perfect and it is now in daily use and working out well. We were told about the site by the nursing home and bought the esteem wheelchair on their recommendation.

Mr J Lucas

A quick note of thank you for sending the wheelchair ramps out so quickly. it offten takes longer for us to get parcels where we live but we accepted the delivery the day following the order so excellent service thank you once again.

Joan Cummings

Bought a narrow childrens wheelchair online from this site and got a craking deal compared to other sites we visited. Prompt delivery and a good quality wheelchair so overall very happy indeed.

January 2018

We are both very pleased with the ugo reclining whelchair that was delivered before Christmas and would highly recommended your web site to others.

C. Merryfield

Many thanks for help selecting the best shower chair for our needs. We had no idea there was a wheelchair for shower time but this marvel has made shower time much quicker and easier.

Mrs Kempton. Notting Hill

We recently purchased a childrens wheelchair and have found it good to use aswell as being smart to look at. A good store to deal with.

K Clarke Portsmouth

In December, we purchased two sets of wheelchair ramps for our new house to help us get in to the garden. Both sets are proving very useful so we would like to thank you for the advice given on which models to buy. They were easy to fit and make wheelchair access so much easier and were delivered on time the following day as promised.

Arthur Jones. Cwmbran, Wales.

December 2017

I'm very pleased to have received my replacement wheelchair prior to a trip away at Christmas, good value and very propmt delivery to N. Yorks

Jon T. Scarbourough

We found a good range of wheelchairs here and most were less pricey than our local mobility shop so we purchased and have been pleased with it ever since despite never having heard of Roma wheelchairs.

Mrs T. Bedford

Very good customer service and prompt delivery. We ordered wheelchair parts and they were sent to us arriving the following day allowing us to get about as normal.

K Caldway

The wheelchair cosy has arrived and is toasty warm. We looked on ebay but Im glad we bought from you as it is very cosy and will be good for the cold winter.

Lorraine B. Spalding

November 2017

Great job ! Thanks for the speedy delivery the wheelchair and ramps are in use already and working out well

Mike K Reading

We wanted to say a big thank you to the lovely lady who gave us so much hekp on the telephone when it came to placing the order. Good to deal with and the reclining wheelchair was delivered the day after our call.

Mrs M. Deene

The karma Wren is brilliant and worlds apart from previous wheelchairs that I have used. Having read the reviews we knew what we wanted, looked around and couldnt find it cheaper elsewhere so very pleased in deed.

M.D. Shaw

We recently replaced our daughters reclining wheelchair with one from this site and saved a colossal amount of money. We're very happy with it and the recline angle far exceeds the previous more expensive model. A brilliant buy thank you.

Jon and Anne Simms

We were recommended this web site by a friend who is an OT and have since bought two transit wheelchairs. Very happy with both purchases and the aftersales service that we got with the second when we needed some help to adjust things.

Mr JH. Adams

October 2017

A great site to buy from and you get exactly what you order on time. I took delivery of a Yoga scooter which i hadnt seen elsewhere but had good reviews and havnt looked back since it arrived. It has made my daily routing far easier and is more nimble than most electric scooters on the market today.

J. Neville

After looking everywhere we bought the Freedom Chair from here and have no regrets. It is a very good electric wheelchair that is easy to use and really good on power so we wouldnt hesitate to recommend the Freedom range.

D. Haynes Smith London.

We would thouroughly recommend this site for value and quick delivery. Our wheelchair powerpack was cheaper than elsewhere and we had it by mid monring the following day.

A. D. Bagshaw N. London

A quick thank you for the help that you provided when we were first looking for the wheelchair. We are very pleased with the Eclipse model and find it easy to use and to move about in the car. It was wonderful customer service of a kind you don't find often these days.

Anne Sheppard Notts.

It was about a month ago that we took delivery of our reclining wheelchair which is working out very well. We are now completely familiar with it and have adjusted it to suit my husbands needs and it is perfect in every way and as he says far cheaper than alternative option in the local mobility shop nearby.

Mrs Pollard Altrincham

Septmber 2017

Great customer service. I needed a replacement wheel and called and receieved it the very next day. Luckily it is quick release so i was able to fit it in no time at all and get on my way.

Ian Deen Manchester

We bought a Topro rollator for our Mom who is infirm following 2 falls. It is a brilliant piece of kit and she finds it very easy to use both at home and also outside more recently as she regains her confidence. Thank you so much for your advice on which model to buy.

Fran C. Weymouth

I took delivery on an Eclipse wheelchair last week and have used it daily since it arrived with no disappointment. A great chair and far more comfy than my last rather old steel wheelchair which was also too heavy so im very pleased with the Eclipse.

D. Myers Wimbledon London

A great place to shop for wheelchairs we recently replaced both a transit and a manual wheelchair and both arrived on time and at a fair price.

Mr S. Singh

August 2017

I have recently purchased a set of wheelchair ramps for use with my powerchair so that it can come in to the house via the garage. The Star aluminium ramps are ideal and were not expensive so I would like to thank you for the advice given as originally i didnt think i would find ramps strong enough for an electric wheelchair. One very happy customer.

E. Withnall Kent

Very freindly staff and good service. Our order arrived on the Wednesday having placed in on the tuesday afternoon and we're very pleased with the wheelchair.

Mrs Joan A. Spencer

I couldn't find the Karma reclining wheelchair cheaper elsewhere so ordrered here and got good service and free delivery the following day so very pleased with my transaction having saved hundreds over other prices online.

D. George Chelmsford.

We're very pleased with the transit wheelchair and memory foam cushion which does make a big difference. Having looked all over we were lucky enough to save some money here.

Mr K. Marshal

We soon recognised that our house was not wheelchair friendly so purchased 2 sets of wheelchair ramps from UK Wheelchairs and received advice on which were most suitable. We dealt with a man who knew his stuff and then received both sets the following day and they were delivered in to our house. which was ideal.

Katy. R  Deane

July 2017

We bought a wheelchair from these folk 5 or 6 years ago. One wheel buckled recently and they were very quick to send us out a replacement wheelchair wheel at very little cost. They are really good to deal with and know their stuff so we would recommend them without hesitation.

Alex Hastings

Im writing to thank the man who helped my find the right walking aid on the phone last week. I now have the Topro Rollz and it is unlike any other rollator i have used and is very good indeed. I did look elsewhere to check prices and could not find cheaper so was very glad indeed to buy from yourselves. I would advise anyone looking for a decent rollator to buy one.

Mrs C. Hale Colchester

We were told that we may have to order a custom made wheelchair however the staff at UK Wheelchairs put us in the direction of a fully adjustable ZTEC Tline wheelchair that has worked out perfectly well and saved us hundreds of pounds. They are very knowledgable and the delivery was prmpt as promised.

Mrs F. Knott Llandudno

A very efficient service with the wheelchair we ordered arriving the morning after it was ordered. We would definitely recommend this online shop. Having bought mobility products elsewhere I was pleased to find this site and its massive choice of wheelchairs.

D. Adams

We made another good purchase from this site mainly down to price where we simply couldnt find cheaper. The heavy duty wheelchair is ideal for my fathers needs and is still fairly light in weight considering its size. Prompt delivery and good after sales service should you nedd it as we did last year.

M. Williams Neath Wales

June 2017

A quick note to thank your staff who helped us decide which rollator was going to tbe the best for my mother. She has had it for almost a month now and goes everywhere with it so a real success thank you.

Mrs J Cadle Bury Lancs.

Having looked for a suitable childrens wheelchair for some time we have recently bought the Sprite wheelchair and can say that we are very pleased with it indeed. It offers more comfort than previous models and is easier to use in every way with the quick release wheels making a big difference as we can save time when it goes in the car boot. Many thanks for the sound advice that lead to the purchase.

Kay & John Worcs.

The wheelchair powerpack arrived last week and we have used it onseveral occassions even during the heavy rain that we had at the week end. It is really brilliant and the battery charge holds for much longer than we thought it might. A very good product from TGA.

Jan Healey Wimbledon S. London

We have bought items from the UKWheelchairs web shop on two occassions in as many months and can recommend them without hesitation. The advice we received was spot on and there was certainly no pressure to buy. Both items we have received are good and the wheelchair particularly represents great value.

D. Densham Merseyside

Im pleased to say that wheelchairs are a lot lighter than they used to be when i worked in the Army and the one that my wife and I purchased from you recently is perfect from the job and can be lifted in and out of the car easily. I hadnt heard of Roma but was pleased to buy something British and we are both very happy with it indeed.

Mr G. Marsden Kent

May 2017

I recently bought a Titan powerchair from you and feel compelled to write a short note saying how good it is and how much it has helped me in my daily life. Im not elderly and disabled but do need the use of an electric wheelchair due to my condition and i have found the Titan to be very versatile both in and outside the home. I was warned that it is a little heavier than some powerchairs but this hasnt bothered me as we don't need to transport it more than once or twice a year. I have had no problems with it since my purchase in December and can say that as electric wheelchairs go, this is the very best i have ever used.

Kim A. Tynesdie

Im delighted, having found a public convienence that is weide enough for my electric wheelchair i have now bought a blue badge radar key and am able to access the toilet at my leisure. I didnt realise you coule buy these keys until i was on your web site looking at new powerchairs, really a very good idea.

Janet Crew. Brighton

Having looked at many different electric wheelchairs we recently bought the freedom chair powerchair and are very impressed with it so far. It is certainyl easy to lift and does pack away nice and small which means i dont have to struggle to get it in the car. It's a lot less hassle than the previous one and less than half the weight. The battery seems good so far but we have only used it locally to date. Although not the cheapest we cannot fault the freedom chair.

Alan Keesely Middlesex

I took deleivery of the reclining wheelchair today and had it assembled within a few minutes. It seems nicely made and is certainly a big improvement on the old one we have been using plus it reclines a whole lot further making it ideal for our purpose.Im really pleased and it is a fair price for a quality wheelchair

Mr B. London

April 2017

We'd like to thank you for the help in finding us the right wheelchair for my mother who has recently taken a fall. The aluminium model is very lightweight and as you said is easy enough to lift in to the car. Very good value and far cheaper than we were expecting.

Mrs Claire Palmer

The wheelchair came yesterday and we ordered it over Easter so not bad delivery. It is certainly a lightweight wheelchair and is SO much easier to use. We would definitely recommend this shop if you want value.

J. Gorman Luton

I was advised to buy the Esteem Eclipse wheelchair on the phone and did so. It is a far cry from the old NHS wheelchair that i was using and allows me to remain comfortable for far longer. Its easy to put in my husbands car and allows us to get out more now tha the weather is impriving.  A great buy and not expensive.

Mrs A. Mills

Having read the review of the Titan electric wheelchair we bought one from your site and are very pleased with it. Our only concern before buying a powerchair was the range we could expect as we live in a fairly hilly area but the Titan is living up to its name and giving us plenty of power for regular daily trips. 10 out of 10 service thank you.

Mr J. Atherton.

I would like to thank the gentleman who was so helpful on the telephone when i rang to place the order for the reclining wheelchair. Having had numerous problems with the previous model we rented i'm pleased to say that this one supplied is very well made and a fraction of the price quoted by our local mobility shop.

M. Fletcher Milton Keynes

March 2017

The website is really well organised and easy to understand so i was able to find what i wanted with ease. The reclining wheelchair was delivered without fuss the next day and has been in use since. Very happy with every aspect of  this web shop.

Mr D. Kent

After trawling around for over 2 hours looking for a specific Karma wheelchair we found the best price was here by far. It arrived the very next day and was well packaged and easy to assemble. its a great wheelchair and well worth the money even though there were far cheaper models available.

Claire Hinton Farnborough

I recently bought the Karma Wren wheelchair here and am extremely pleased with it so far and have no regrets paying a little extra to get the comfort. Its the first wheelchair i have had with brakes at the back and it is proving far easier to use for my husband who is often pushing the chair.

Mrs A. Simmons Bury Lancs.

I searched for an electric wheelchair and found this company and have bought the Geo Micro chair on their reccommendation. It really is tiny but i am not so tall so it works really well and is easy to use in the house particularly. If you are looking for a powerchair it is worth speaking with uk wheelchairs who really do know their stuff and will help you if you need some good advice. I can thouroughly reccomend their service.

D. Gardener

Haivng received the transit wheelchair yesterday i can now say that it has been put together and used with great success. I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the Esteem brand and would certainly say that it offers good value. Hopefully we wont need it for more than six weeks fingers crossed. Many thanks for the help over the phone.

K. Masters Yeovil

February 2017

We have had the reclining wheelchair a month now and think its wonderful. It has imprived things for my husband who is now able to stay in the chair for longer periods with comfort. A recliner wheelchair is worth considering for those who find transfers less than easy.

Mrs M Shepard. Warrington

The Roma is a good wheelchair and better made than the old one that we recently disposed of. We bought from UK Wheel chair because our friends had done previously and said how good pricing was we certainly have no regrets and would buy here again.

R. Jones. Caerphilly

This web shop is good to deal with and has low prices. We recently bought the reno electric wheelchair and had it delivered to our second home while we were staying there. It was put together by the man who delivered it and everything was explained. Its a great little powerchair and has given us a little freedom back so we are able to get out on our doorstep. Its quite a hilly area but the reno handles it all in its stride.

R. Maddicott.

My son recently bought a pair of lightweight wheelchair ramps for use at our house. At first i thought they wouldnt work at the back door which has a highly raised threshold but now they are in place they are indeed very useful. A simple design but make coming and going so much easier on a daily basis. I would reccommend to anyone.

Mr T. Mitchell

We saved many pounds buying a lightweight wheelchair from this company and wish we had found them earlier. The Eclsipse model that we purchased is perfect and certainly easy to lift when necessary. Their advice was solid and the delivery took only a day or so.

Kev Luscombe Ipswich

January 2017

Very good to deal with, I bought a lightweight aluminium wheelchair which was delivered to us in Cornwall the day after the order was placed. Really pleased with it and so much easier to lift out of our estate car.

J. Slowe Harrohate

We found the eclipse aluminium wheelchair and bought in online. No regrets and it ireally is truly lightweight and easy to handle. Thanks to the man for the advice when i called about the quick release wheels which do come off after all !

D Kenton Peterborough

We would definitely recommend the Sprite childrens wheelchair as being good value and easy to use. Delivery was prompt and i had it built in about 15 minutes without any problems. Really very good thank you.

Mr T. Hoskin. London

Im more than happy with the wheelchair ramps bought from your online store before the Christmas break. We take them in the cat with us and so being lightweight was important and the certainly are. ideal for our purposes and certainly well made. We would definitely recommend the Star ramps.

Mike Moore Winchester

Purchased a heavy duty wheelchair from this site for my father who is now 32 stone in weight. It arrived before Christmas and was easy to put together and is just perfect for his needs and very well made and fit for the job. Would definitely recommend this web site for price and advice.

Mrs M. Mitchell Bradford.

Decemeber 2016

We are delighted with theSprite children's wheelchair which arrived on Wednesday in time for Christmas. It is better than it looks on the web site photographs and a world apart from the wheelchair we have had to use for the past 4 months. Many thank yous for your help in picking it and shipping it on time.

Penny Clarke. Reading

This was a our second purchase from UK WHEELCHAIRS and vey please yet again with the walking frame for upstairs for mother in laws visit this Christmas. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend this site.

K. Clarke  London

We felt we had to write to say a quick thank you for the swift delivery of the Zinger electirc wheelchair that we bought and took delivery of last month. It is working very well and suits our needs perfectly. My husband scoots about the home and in to the garden at times and it remians charged for quite some time. We would definitely recommend this type of wheelchair to anyone who needs a bit of assistance.

Mrs D. Goodfellow

Good comopany to buy from and very well priced compated to the shops we went to in Luton area What we bought was about 20% cheaper for the childrens wheelchair i think we got more for our money by far.

Mr Dean Black Bedfordshire

We have now had the Topro rollator for 3 weeks and use it constantly. It is absolutely brilliant and far easier to use than the walker I had previously. Althouh more expensive than other rollators by far, we found your web site to be the least expensive. Its worth every penny and is also nicer to look at tthan my previous model.

Mrs M. Haskins Clifton Bristol.

November 2016

Just a quick note to express my gratitude in finding a wheelchair that fits and is comfortable. At nintenn stone i did find my previous model rather tight however the new heavy duty wheelchair is ideal and the seat a better size for me. I may well look for a power pack to fit on if you can recommend one please ?

Pete Symonds Wimbledon.

We ordered some wheelchair clothing from this store last week and all is good. The poncho is of good quality and relatively easy to put on over everything else. We would recommend wihout any doubt.

Mrs J Francis, Cirencester

We puchased a power pack for our wheelchair which is proving very useful and allowing us to get out far more often. I would suggest buying one of these to any wheelchair user as it does make life easier and is very good value.

A. Squires

I wanted to let you know how happy i was with the help i got on the telephone when buying the ZTEC wheelchair last week. It is definitely a very good wheelchair and one that i will use daily without any concern as it is very well made. I should have replaced the old one a long time ago.

Mr J. Stevens

Having returned the wheelchair we hired from you for our trip to London we wanted to thank you very much for a fantastic service that made our visit so much easier than taking our own wheelchair. We now want to buy one similar to the one we rented to replace the very old model that we use daily. The drop off and collection were very timely and the wheelchair was indded easy to use and to fold up.

Mary Keene. Guernsey

October 2016

I recently bought some elevated legrests from uk wheelchairs having been let down by our local mobility shop. They were easy to fit to our wheelchair and seem very good value.

Mrs T. Crimp Wellington Somerset

A good web site to buy from and save. We bought an esteem wheelchair and are not disapointed although the packaging was damaged the wheelchair is very good. Far comfier than the one we had on loan from the hospital.

Jean Kemp North London

A nice reclining wheelchair delivered on time a very easy transaction and a good price compared to other web sites.

Mr T. Lawson Plymouth

We were recommended the UK Wheelchairs site by a family member and have found them to be very good. We recently bought a second reclining wheelchair and have had no problems, the first we bought a year ago and we now need one for our second home. The quality is good and seems to represent very good value.

Mr S. Hawkin

Thanks to both of the people i spoke to last week when i bought the Roma wheel chair. It is with us now and in daily use and far easier to handle than the previous stell wheelchair which was far too heave. Many many thanks.

M Maise Aldershot

We were sold a wheelchair powerpack having called in to buy an electric wheelchair for occassional use. The powerpack is far more suitable for my wifes needs and it can be removed so we continue to use the wheelchair without when inside. We made a great saving and are grateful for the advice we were given buy the lady on the phone. A brilliant company to deal with and one i would happily use again.

Mr G Holmes. Oprington kent

September 2016

I rented a wheelchair from the site for 3 weeks and used itdaily in and around London without any problems and it was collected from my hotel on the day of departure. A very good arrangelemnt that made hiring a wheelchair very simple and affordable. I wish i could do this in every sity i visit.

Dan Doleen Edmonton Canada.

My mother is very hapy with the transit model of wheelchair that was bought from you only a few weeks ago. We may well need a rollator soon as the operation was succesful and she is regaining her strength to walk. Entirely satisfied with the service thank you.

John Endecot

We recently bought a Sprite childrens wheelchair which is working out well and is certainly easy to use. We would definitely reccommend this company for good honest service and snappy delivery of in stock items. Very pleased indeed.

Christine Howlett. Mancs

Thank you team for getting the replacement rental wheelchair to us so fast. It was delivered the morning we left for the holiday and we used it everyday for two weeks. I didnt even know you could hire a wheelchair but a great service and inexpensive.

Mr J. Tibbet. Newcastle

Online shopping isnt always the best but our experience with UK Wheelchairs was brilliant. We called and had a chat with a very knowledagble lady who confirmed that the Atigra power chair was available for next day delivery. We ordered and sure enough too delivery on the Friday. With a bit of help we had it running within half an hour and then left it to charge until this morning. An excellent product and fantastic service thank you.

Christine Miller. Sevenoaks

August 2016

As you can see by the photo our son is thrilled with his new wheelchair. It is far comfier than the hospital one and helps to keep him upright so we're able to use it for longer periods without having to transfer. Many thanks to the man who took our call and pointed us in the right direction. We would definitely recommend your site to others.

Mrs Donaldson. Loughborough

A quick thank you or the excellent service and the quick delivery. The UGO wheelchair and the rollator were delivered promptly and my husband was able to put the wheelchair together in minutes.

Natalie Spencer. Warwickshire

We bought an Invacare wheelchair for my father in law that arrived the following day. We're pleased to say that it is entirely suitable and does fit through his narrower than nornal doorways in his old house. We paid less than we expected and are very happy with the purchase and would reccomend your site to anone else who needs a wheelchair.

D. Garret.

As you can see by the photo of our son attached the new Sprite wheelchair is being enjoyed. Its a great little wheelchair and is an idel size for our boy wo is 12. It is very well made and folds much better than the previous one we had plus the push handle rise to a good height so i dont get back ache. Very pleased with this purchase.

Mr J. Stevens Norwich

My husband is very pleased with the Travelux Ventrue electric wheelchair that we recently purchased from your web shop. We ordered the service where it was put together and we were shown how to use it safely and how to remove and recharge the batteries. It now lives in the porch where we have a plug so is always ready for the next outing.

June Mitchell. Hants

July 2016

The reclining wheelchair was delvired today and fits the bill entirely. Much cheaper than similar models on other sites, it was fairly easy for me to put together im told is very comfortable.

Jan Stevens Barnstaple

We cannot say enough about the high level of servce we received when we bought from UK Wheelchairs  earlier this month. We needed a transport wheelchair for our holiday and literally within 24 hours of looking at your web site we had the new one in our car boot ready for departure. It was used daily and is a joy to use and much less heavy than the old one we have had for 10 years. A truely remarkable service thank you.

Mr G. Dunster Godalming Surrey.

The Days Escape Lite wheelchair was delivered yesterday morning and is in frequent use already. No complaints, far more comfy than the old chair and easier to fold to put away and definitely very lightweight in deed.

Mrs Dean B'ham.

Many thanks for the advice given and the delivery of the reclining wheelchair. It is proving a real success and redicung the transfers each day making things easier. Probably something we ought to have done many months ago.

Mrs Curtis. Shrewsbury

A pleasure to deal with and knowledgable with it. We called and then found exactly what we were looking for and it was in stock unlike other sites. The price was low so we bought there and then and received the wheelchair the following morning.

D. Kitson

June 2016

The wheelchair was received in the morning the day after it was ordered online. It was easy to put togther and comfy to use so very please with it despite it being a budget model.

J. Hobbs Braunton N. Devon

My wife is very please with the Rollz rollator bought from your online shop and find its very reassuring to walk with. A good service and fair pricing and the delivery was free of charge.

Alan Kemp Deeside

May 2016

Im so glad that we bought the reclining wheelchair for my husband who appreciates the tilt function. A brilliant solution that makes things easier for us all thank you.

Mrs.Jenny Cooper. Staffs.

I cant knock this store and saved loads on the chair i bought even with the leg rests it was cheaper than locally without them will definitely shop here again should i need to. Carl Quick. 

April 2016

Delighted with the service from start to delivery and very fair prices. We had some help over the phone and the lady gave us all the time we needed.

J. Tibbs York

Yesterday we took delivery of the new childrens wheelchair which looks fantastic and is noticeably lighter than the current one we are using. We hope to start using it at the week end when we go away for 5 days. Very grateful for the help you gave and the speedy delivery to our address. 

Mrs J. Nulty

Many thanks for all the help you offered while ordering the Karma reclining wheelchair. We were not able to get the model elsewhere for this price so appreciate it your help in delivering it so promptly. 

Mrs. A Prouse

We recently bought 2 Integra shell seats for my aging parents and must tell you how well they are working out. Comfy and movable and more than anything they don't appear to be anything other than a comfy chair so have gone down very well. A very good product for anyone who enjoys relaxation.

March 2016

Excellent customer services and very nice to deal with over the return of the unwanted wheelchair this week.We would gladly buy from you again.

Mr J. Shaw Accrington

We were able to buy the leg rests we needed here for my husbands wheelchair which is fifteen years old. They fit and work well. Very helpful staff.

Mrs J Pollard N. London

A quick line to thank those involved in finding a suitable narrow wheelchair for our son. The Days Escape Lite wheelchair fits the bill and is a perfect fit size wise which im told is very important.Many thanks.

Mrs S. Sommersby Kent

We recently bought a Powerstroll powerpack for my fathers wheelchair and it works very well despite one or two steep hills. I managed to fit the thing easily and after the initial charge we use it daily. Very good piece of kit and surprisingly powerful. G. Kenedy Gloucs

We have been able to order the Sprite childrens wheelchair and do not have to pay until we take delivery at the end f the month. We will wait for the email to state it is being delivered. We can't wait !

Mrs Anne Dodds. Taunton

February 2016

We are glad we bought the zinger from your company and were able to get the colour we wanted. It is very useful although only partially disabled allows trips to the shopping center without any problem.

K. Stevens.

My wife recently bought the Integra Shell Seat from your shop for my use during the day time. It is unlike anything else we have used but very comfortable indeed and well worth considering if you are looking for a reclining wheelchair. Not cheap but very versatile. 

Martin Oates. Kent

We were given your details by a friend who had bought an electric wheelchair form you some time ago. We too bought a powerchair and have been very happy with every aspect of the service we received.

Ben Powell. Hereford

Lovely girl took my call and answered all my questions so felt i had to drop you a line to let you know how please i am with the new wheelchair and all the help you provided.

Mrs A. Marsh

January 2016

I was very glad to have received various wheelchair accessories we ordered two weeks ago but particularly the poncho which is coming in useful during our stay at the isle of White this weekend. Atrocious weather for the time of year. Very please with the cushion also thank you.

We are very please with the heavy duty Roma model we bought from you last month. It is a big wheelchair and just right for my father who was being squeezed getting in and out of the old one. Many many thanks for help on picking this model. 

Miss A Barr Ipswich.

Good advice and prompt next day delivery. I can well recommend this company.

A. Henwood E. Sussex

Impressed by the quick supply of both items. The wheelchair powerpack is surely a big help on the gentle hills in my area making light of the usual routes we take. Thank you UK Wheelchairs.

P. Deane Trowbridge

December 2015

Very quick to replace a wheelchair damaged during transit. Why cant all web shops be as reliable as you.

D. Mills Peterborough

The Days lite chair arrived and is lighter than i expected it was well packed and arrived on time.

L. Paget London

Very pleased with the chair which arrived on time. It is the first time we ave used a self propelled wheelchair and can see that i will be more self sufficient in the house. I would definitely recommend you to everyone.

D. Luscombe

I do like to acknowledge when i receive splendid service and that is exactly what i got when i bought the VanOs wheelchair. It is in daily use for long periods and is proving very comfy. Thank you for all your tips on wheelchair selection.

Jack N. Northants

November 2015

Dealing with the lady on the phone was a delight. We picked her brains on various things and now have the perfect wheelchair complete with extra cushion and leg rests which are making it very comfortable for my husband. We would definitely recommend this online store to others.

Pam Scriven, Truro Cornwall

Our order was processed swiftly and we got the chair the next day. Easy enough to assembly and very good value. Thank you

D. Galstow Chichester

Both items were delivered the morning after we ordered by phone. Both are very good and the wheelchair surprisingly lightweight so much easier to move about when folded. 

Mrs M. Arbim. Yorks

Replacing the old wheelchair was the best thing I've done in ages and was made altogether easier by the help i was given on the phone. The Roma model is ideal and far lighter than the previous. A very happy customer indeed thanks ! S. Miles Taunton

October 2015

We got good advice and were able to purchase the Rascal electric wheelchair without paying vat. It was delivered and assembled for us within 3 days.

I just wanted to thank you. I received the wheelchair bag very quickly and it is a perfect fit for my wheelchair. Fantastic service and product. Thank you so much

G. Grimwood

I bought from you recently and found your assistance very helpful. I was able to buy the wheelchair without leaving home at a price that is lower than the local mobility store so was please to find this out.

I. Schofield Walthamstow E. London

Attached is a photo of our son in his new wheelchair. The smile says it all he is far comfier than before and happier to be in his chair for longer periods.

Mrs J. Laidler Cumbria

We ordered the wheelchair on Wednesday pm and received it on Thursday before my afternoon shift. It was in use within the hour and is very satisfactory. Brilliant job thank you. Mrs Anne Sparks. Hove

September 2015

Great service and would recommend you to anyone. We rented the wheelchair which was like brand new and delivered on time as requested.

John. Farnborough

I was very pleased that you were able to ship to me the replacement part for the wheelchair. Very friendly and most helpful. Thanks once again.

Mrs A Stone.  Wellington, Somerset

We bought another three Roma wheelchairs from you and the service is as good as ever with punctual delivery. We use the chairs at the home because they are reliable and comfortable.

Jan. Nickson Notts.

We were looking for an electric wheelchair that will need to go on a plane with ease and you recommended the Zinger chair. It has now arrived and is fantastic. Your advise is much appreciated.

Alastair Whitcham. Kent

The wheelchair and rollator came yesterday and both have been used already. We are very please with the savings made by shopping with you.

Mrs A. Mcready Dorchester

Bought on line for the first time and very happy with the wheel chair for my husband who has lower limb paralysis. Thank you

Mrs Ekins W. Yorks

We bought the Zinger electric wheelchair as a recommendation from a colleague whose wife has one. We travel a great deal and have already taken it with us on both car and train journeys in the UK. It is a fantastic little power chair and very easy to fold and carry. It takes a little getting used to but highly recommended.

G. Joyce KENT

August 2015

We chose the zinger electric wheelchair as it is the lightest we could find and easy for us to move with us on our travels. It is early days but the chair seems well made and certainly is very easy to use so we are very happy so far.

Karl M. Reigate Surrey

A big thank you to the lady who was able to advise us on the best deal for our needs. We were able to buy a very good value wheelchair which fits the bill and as agreed it was with us in Basingstoke for the following morning.

Mrs D. Mitchell Surrey.

Finding a suitable was proving difficult but your choice of heavy duty wheelchairs is very good so we purchased the extra wide Roma model after advice from one of your staff. We are very happy with it and im told that it is far more comfortable when used for long periods. A big relief for us so much appreciated.

Mrs A. Harte Springbourne

The tilting wheelchair was delivered yesterday and is in action already. Im very happy with what appears to be a well designed wheelchair with reclining facility.

S. Dunne Stafford

We found your site online and bought the electric wheelchair because your staff were so helpful, It was delivered and the packaging was taken away. Nice to receive such good service in this day and age thank you. 

Mrs A. Darlington. Wigan

July 2015

Buying online can be a bit of a gamble at times so we were very pleased with all the help you provided in making the return and swap of the reclining wheelchair possible so quickly. The replacement model is far more suitable and we feel very good value for money.

Mrs Valerie Timms. Glocs.

My wife ordered the new wheelchair and we took delivery the next morning. We have used the internet for shopping before but were most impressed with your service. Simply brilliant thank you

M. Churcher Rochester

Very happy with the rollator which is as you said easy to use...

Don Callow Exeter

We got our delivery on time so weren't without a wheelchair over our Christmas break. Very grateful for all you did to help.

P. Lake Milton Keynes

Delighted with the Sprite wheelchair, a very good model for younger children

A.D. Cobley Macclesfield