For those of us who spend much of our time in a wheelchair, everyday life can be more than a little tricky and simple things just aren't so. Just picking up a dropped object from the floor while seated in a wheelchair can be quite a feat. But just like everything else, we wheelchair restricted users find a way around most things.

No matter how independent minded a wheelchair user you may be, a little help in daily activities goes a long way. We all know that simple daily chores like preparing meals, cleaning the house or bathing can become an ordeal when restricted to a wheelchair.

So credit to the clever engineers who have developed a wide selection of tools to help with daily tasks. Nowadays, with the right tools, a wheelchair user can go about their daily lives with little, if any, help from others. Tools like the easy reacher are invaluable and the best way to find such things is by scouring the internet.

The internet is a great source for finding out what is appropriate for different wheelchair restricted individuals and their respective lifestyles. Users of wheelchairs can take solace in the fact that the internet offers a wealth of information on making life simpler.

Wheelchair tools to the rescue

Why not take a look at some of the more useful tools such as the easy reacher or the suction reacher. To find them simply enter these terms in to a good search engine. Easy reachers will help you to pick things up from afar without having to move your wheelchair. The suction reacher is another good example that helps to make life easier for the wheelchair user.

Its great for reaching for the TV remote or a magazine if you are out of your wheelchair or simply cant easily move to get the object. Light in weight means you can reach greater distances for those fiddly objects. Click here to see our most popular easy reacher

Transfer boards are also invaluable for most wheelchair users who have lost all use of their legs. Used to slide along between wheelchair and bed or seating these are ideal and come in a range of lengths and materials. Revolving seats or seat turntables can also be of great benefit for some wheelchair users but again depend on the level of agility as to whether they will provide much benefit. Click here to see our most popular transfer board

Sometimes called swivel seats, they enable the user to turn in their seat to enable a smoother transfer to their awaiting wheelchair. They are made from various materials for comfort and really are great, particularly for turning before getting out of the car and back in to the wheelchair.