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Wheelchair Tyre Pump

Wheelchair Tyre Pump

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An easy to use pump for your wheelchair tyres

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The Wheelchair tyre pump is a useful accessory for your wheelchair and comes with a clip-on bracket that allows it to be fitted to the chair. If your wheelchair uses pneumatic tyres then this is a must-have wheelchair accessory. Why struggle ? It is very important for wheelchair users to keep their tyres hard to make propulsion easier.

A hand pump for wheelchair wheels

If the tyres on your wheelchair lose pressure you will find it much harder to get around making you more likely to become tired quickly. As a tyre deflates, the effort required to push the wheelchair increases making it harder for you or your attendant to keep things moving.

This pump is small and well made and includes a clip to attach it to your wheelchair. It attaches to the tyre valve with ease and allows you to manually inflate the tyre with ease. If you are interested in moving to puncture proof tyres then please click here for self propelled wheelchair wheels.


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