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Self Propelled Wheelchairs

Self Propelled Wheelchairs

Our range of self propelled wheelchairs are all available for Free Next Day Delivery and come with our Price Match Promise so you can relax knowing that you won't find the same self propelled manual wheelchair elsewhere for less. Call today for delivery tomorrow

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  1. Roma Medical 1472 HD Heavy Duty Bariatric Wheelchair
    Roma Medical 1472 HD Heavy Duty Bariatric Wheelchair
    EXCL. VAT: £213.99
    INCL. VAT: £256.79
  2. Esteem Bariatric Self Propelled Wheelchair
    Out of Stock
    Esteem Bariatric Self Propelled Wheelchair
    EXCL. VAT: £229.99
    INCL. VAT: £275.99
  3. Days Healthcare Heavy Duty Self Propelled Steel Wheelchair
  4. Drive Medical Aluminium Super Deluxe 2 Self Propelled Wheelchair
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4 Items

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Self propelled wheelchairs - points to consider

Self propelled wheelchairs are often the preferred type for users with upper body mobility and strength. Our range includes cheap wheelchairs for short term use following an incident or operation, mid range wheelchairs with better comfort levels and more features and high end manual wheelchairs for users who spend most of the day in their wheelchair and require optimum support and comfort from their self propelled wheelchair.

The key difference between a self propelled wheelchair and a transit model is the size of the rear wheels. By having a bigger diameter, these drive wheels are within reach of the user and allow them to propel themselves using the rims attached to the rear drive wheels. We have a new range of self propelled manual wheelchairs arriving this summer including some cheap models for occasional or temporary users.

Self propelled wheelchair benefits

Other benefits of this type of wheelchair are the ease with which it will climb paving curbs or single steps. With having a bigger wheel diameter the obstacle to be overcome is well below the wheel centre making it easier to mount for both the user or the attendant.

Otherwise, most features of self propelled models remain the same as other types of wheelchair. If you would like some help in selecting a model or have any other questions please speak with our wheelchair team on 0800 6335377 / 01803 872020.