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Reclining Wheelchairs

Reclining Wheelchairs

Our wide range of reclining wheelchairs are all available for Free Next Day Delivery and come with our Price Match Promise so you can relax knowing that you won't find the same reclining or tilt in space wheelchair elsewhere for less. Call today for delivery tomorrow

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  1. Roma Medical 1710 Self Propelled Reclining Wheelchair
    Roma Medical 1710 Self Propelled Reclining Wheelchair
    EXCL. VAT: £274.99
    INCL. VAT: £329.99
  2. Days Healthcare Reclining Wheelchairs
    Days Healthcare Reclining Wheelchairs
    EXCL. VAT: £299.00
    INCL. VAT: £358.80
  3. Esteem Deluxe Reclining Wheelchair
    Out of Stock
    Esteem Deluxe Reclining Wheelchair
    EXCL. VAT: £299.99
    INCL. VAT: £359.99
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Reclining wheelchairs points to consider when you buy

Reclining and tilting wheelchairs are becoming more commonplace and that is for good reason as they provide the ability to recline and relax in the chair without the need to be transferred to become horizontal.

Reclining wheelchairs help to relieve compression on the spine which in turn can help to relieve the associated pain. Having the option to recline in the wheelchair without the need to transfer is a great advantage for many users and leads to improved rest.

Less need to transfer with a reclining wheelchair

In recent years more wheelchair manufacturers have opted to produce self propelled reclining models which cater toward the more able wheelchair user. This allows users to retain more independence by moving the wheelchair using the hand rims mounted on the rear wheels.

Please note that not all models allow the user access to the reclining controls and therefore depend on help from an assistant. This is something to check before buying a reclining wheelchair.

If you would like some help in selecting a model or have any other questions please speak with our wheelchair team on 0800 6335377 / 01803 872020.