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Bariatric or Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Bariatric Wheelchairs

Our range of heavy duty bariatric wheelchairs are all available for Free Next Day Delivery and come with our Price Match Promise so you can relax knowing that you won't find the same heavy duty bariatric wheelchair elsewhere for less. Our range includes extra wide wheelchairs aswell as extra strong models for users up to 50 stone. Call today for delivery tomorrow

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  1. Lomax Uni 8 Self Propelled Wheelchair
    Lomax Uni 8 Self Propelled Wheelchair
    EXCL. VAT: £194.99
    INCL. VAT: £233.99
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More about bariatric wheelchairs

With a population that is growing in every way there is more call for heavy duty and extra wide wheelchairs which are often referred to as bariatric.

Essentially these models are based on best selling models which have been redesigned to accept the increased user weight. The production of bariatric wheelchairs has increased as has the weight carrying capacity of these models.

In order to cope with the increased user weight these heavy duty bariatric wheelchairs have features that improve their strength and durability. Double cross bracing of the wheelchair frame increases rigidity. Stronger materials such as steel also play a major part.

Heavy duty & extra wide wheelchairs

Heavy duty wheelchairs come in the same form as other models and consist both transit and self propelled. Increased seat widths are available however fitting is still important to ensure maximum comfort.

One final consideration when buying a bariatric wheelchair is a suitable powerpack. These allow the chair to be moved with ease and reduce the risk of the attendant being harmed when pushing and pulling large weights.

If you would like some help in selecting a model or have any other questions please speak with our wheelchair team on 0800 6335377 / 01803 872020.