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Self propelled Wheelchairs V electric wheelchairs / powerchairs

People have often queried the benefits of electric wheelchairs / powerchairs versus self propelled wheelchairs. The fact that a wheelchair user has the choice between the two types of wheelchairs is something to be grateful of. Because of the variety of wheelchairs available today, its less easy to choose a wheelchair that is best suited for their individual needs. Many use the internet for information before making decisions especially when it comes to choosing between an electric wheelchair or a self propelled wheelchair. We are always keen to advise if you feel you require help.

The choice between self propelled wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs / powerchairs, many factors have to be considered. Buyers shouldn't be blinded by technology that electric wheelchairs / powerchairs offer. Although they may have a great deal of advantages, self propelled wheelchairs are considered more economical and more efficient especially considering the bulky form electric wheelchairs / powerchairs come in. Furthermore, several insurance companies opt not to cover electric wheelchairs / powerchairs making the task of choosing even simpler than before.

Wheelchair selection is a personal choice

The choice of type of wheelchair depends on the users lifestyle and personal preferences. Wheelchairs today have changed significantly moving from the older three wheeled chairs of decades ago and a wide array of accessories are now available. Although doesn't always make the selection process any easier !

Many folk think that more modern technology is better, whereas the benefits of self propelled wheelchairs are often overlooked when electric wheelchairs / powerchairs come into play. More often than not, lightweight wheelchairs come in self propelled form. This is the most important reason why self propelled wheelchairs are still often favoured by wheelchair users especially when the user will be someone who can't exert much physical strength. Self propelled wheelchairs are also easier to manoeuvre so they can be used just about anywhere regardless of the terrain self propelled wheelchairs can be used within reason.

However, using self propelled wheelchairs also has its own disadvantages. For one, it can cause a lot of physical strain to its user. Although the upper body exercise may be good for the user, it may also lead to injuries in the long term. This aside, self propelled wheelchairs and electric alike require regular maintenance to ensure a long and safe service.