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Wheelchair Guides

Please see below a number of brief articles that are intended to help you become more knowledgeable about wheelchairs.
You may want to read the wheelchair guides if you are about to buy a wheelchair or you want to understand more about the various types of wheelchair. Please feel free to click on a lnik to read the guide. If you feel that you still need a bit of help then please feel free to call us and we can offer assistance.

Wheelchair Information Guides

A brief wheelchair history
Electric wheelchair knowledgebase
How to select a heavy duty or bariatric wheelchair
Mobility products to suit me
Selecting a sports wheelchair
Self propelled versus electric wheelchairs
What to look for in a wheelchair bag
A wheelchair buyers guide
Common questions about wheelchairs
How to select the right wheelchair cushion
How to exercise in your wheelchair
Basic wheelchair maintenance
Wheelchair selection
Everyday tools for your wheelchair
Public access tips for wheelchair users
The art of travel for wheelchair users
Wheelchairs suitable for temporary use