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Guides & advice on wheelchair use

  1. What to look for when selecting a sports wheelchair

    What to look for when selecting a sports wheelchair
    There are many things to consider when you are looking for any wheelchair but even more considerations when buying a sports wheelchair. If you are in a position to buy a sports wheelchair purely for sport use then the criteria may be different than if you plan to use the new wheelchair for everyday use as well as for active...
  2. Mobility Products - whats on offer

    Mobility Products - whats on offer
    So many of us have need for mobility devices as a result of a birth condition, accident or disease, or simply due to old age and we are all living longer it seems. Although some of us might need these devices only temporarily, others require mobility products full time. No matter how long we are required to use them, they...
  3. Heavy duty or bariatric wheelchairs

    Heavy duty or bariatric wheelchairs
    It's official, obesity is on the increase and the average weight of both adults and children is swelling ! As obesity becomes an international problem, wheelchair manufacturers around the world have adapted the design and materials used in building wheelchairs. Bariatric wheelchairs have been designed specifically to address the needs of obese folk who can grow to weights in access...
  4. Electric wheelchair knowledge

    Electric wheelchair knowledge
    Originally Invented after the great war, the electric wheelchair has become fairly commonplace in our everyday lives. This is largely thanks to the innovative inventor George Klein, an employee of the National Research Council of Canada who helped veterans injured in World War II and recognised the need for a powered mobility device so invented the electric wheelchair. Since then...
  5. A brief history of the wheelchair

    A brief history of the wheelchair
    The first references of wheelchairs can be traced to the 6th century as a diagram from that time is considered as the oldest evidence of wheelchairs. Many historians believe that wheelchairs may have existed even before this time. An other sketch portraying a chair with wheels was traced to Ancient Egypt. According an historic record, Spain's King Phillip was the...
  6. How to exercise in your wheelchair

    How to exercise in your wheelchair
    However you end up in a wheelchair it is important that your overall fitness is maintained as best as possible. Wheelchair exercise is a useful means to do this over and above any other exercise you can carry out. Of course a physical disability that leaves you in a wheelchair is devastating and disability can to some be a miserable...
  7. Selecting a wheelchair seat cushion

    Selecting a wheelchair seat cushion
    Comfort posture and support are all paramount for wheelchair users, the more so the longer they spend in their wheelchairs. This boils down to the type of seating and the wheelchair cushion deployed. Wheelchairs need to have comfortable serviceable seating because their users spend much of their time on them. Wheelchair seat cushions need to protect users against sores and...
  8. Wheelchair FAQ's

    Wheelchair FAQ's
    All too often wheelchairs are often associated with elderly folk however frequently the play important roles to many younger people. Wheelchairs may still be foreign to you if you or anyone close to you has not experienced anyone using one nor been exposed to the lifestyle of a wheelchair user. You may already know how significant personal mobility is especially...
  9. Wheelchairs for tall people

    Wheelchairs for tall people
    Which wheelchair is best for a tall person ? do we sell any wheelchairs specially designed for tall people ? We are often asked these questions so thought it about time to create a brief guide on what to look for in a wheelchair if you are tall. The average height of men and woman in the UK is on...
  10. Wheelchairs for temporary use

    Wheelchairs for temporary use
    Following an accident or operation you may require a wheelchair for a relatively short period of time. Wheelchair rental is an appealing option not only for those who suffer from temporary disabilities but for wheelchair users who travel. There are many companies that provide wheelchair rentals or wheelchair hire. Folk interested in wheelchair rental or hire services can can choose...

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