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Guides & advice on wheelchair use

  1. Wheelchair users and the art of travel

    Wheelchair users and the art of travel
    So you want to go on holiday, take a well deserved city break or have to visit family some ditsance away. The entire process from planning to actually getting to your destination can be stressful for anyone and for us with physical disabilities who have to travel with wheelchairs it caan get worse ! Wheelchair users generally suffer restrained mobility...
  2. Wheelchair users and public access

    Wheelchair users and public access
    For some of us mobility is a big issue as we find it hard to walk for whatever the reason, whether due to permanent disabilities, injuries or thru illness. This is when a wheelchair becomes a necessity as they are without doubt the most popular type of mobility aid whether its a self propelled wheelchair for those fortunate enough to...
  3. Everyday tools for wheelchair users

    Everyday tools for wheelchair users
    For those of us who spend much of our time in a wheelchair, everyday life can be more than a little tricky and simple things just aren't so. Just picking up a dropped object from the floor while seated in a wheelchair can be quite a feat. But just like everything else, we wheelchair restricted users find a way around...
  4. Wheelchair Selection

    Wheelchair Selection
    Selecting the right wheelchair for you Selecting the best wheelchair is important for any long-term wheelchair user. Shorter term users who have had an operation or suffered and accident but expect to be mobile soon have less to be concerned about. Although many of the selection factors seem obvious, it is often necessary to review each factor to make sure...
  5. A guide to routine wheelchair maintenance

    A guide to routine wheelchair maintenance
    When you rely on your mobility equipment you realise so that it needs to be maintained properly. Special attention is required for wheelchairs because of this reliance. Knowing how to properly care for your wheelchair will not only prelong its life but, more importantly wheelchair maintenance ensures that it will not let you down. Should wheelchair problems arise, you, the...
  6. How to exercise in your wheelchair

    How to exercise in your wheelchair
    However you end up in a wheelchair it is important that your overall fitness is maintained as best as possible. Wheelchair exercise is a useful means to do this over and above any other exercise you can carry out. Of course a physical disability that leaves you in a wheelchair is devastating and disability can to some be a miserable...
  7. Selecting a wheelchair seat cushion

    Selecting a wheelchair seat cushion
    Comfort posture and support are all paramount for wheelchair users, the more so the longer they spend in their wheelchairs. This boils down to the type of seating and the wheelchair cushion deployed. Wheelchairs need to have comfortable serviceable seating because their users spend much of their time on them. Wheelchair seat cushions need to protect users against sores and...
  8. Wheelchair FAQ's

    Wheelchair FAQ's
    All too often wheelchairs are often associated with elderly folk however frequently the play important roles to many younger people. Wheelchairs may still be foreign to you if you or anyone close to you has not experienced anyone using one nor been exposed to the lifestyle of a wheelchair user. You may already know how significant personal mobility is especially...
  9. Guide to buying a wheelchair

    Guide to buying a wheelchair
    With so many wheelchairs to choose from you may think it impossible to select the right wheelchair for your needs. Don't worry we're here to help and have written a brief guide to buying a wheelchair to assist you in making the right decision. We explain the basics and the features you may like to consider when selecting your new...
  10. What to look for in a wheelchair bag

    What to look for in a wheelchair bag
    If you are a new wheelchair user you will soon recognise that you need some form of wheelchair bag to carry your kit whether it be small everyday items or bigger bulkier items including work papers or laptop computers. There are many types of wheelchair bags and they various shapes, sizes, and have a variety of functions. We aim to...

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