However you end up in a wheelchair it is important that your overall fitness is maintained as best as possible. Wheelchair exercise is a useful means to do this over and above any other exercise you can carry out. Of course a physical disability that leaves you in a wheelchair is devastating and disability can to some be a miserable situation, but the loss of or the loss of the use of the legs is especially devastating.

So maintaining fitness and dependence on a wheelchair is something to focus on to remain active and keep your mobility and freedom. You should consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise routine. Your disability may not be suited to every exercise you wish to try so find out which ones are appropriate for your overall condition.

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To prevent muscle wasting or muscle atrophy it is therefore important for a wheelchair user to keep the body moving regularly. There are a number of special exercises a wheelchair user can carry out that keeps blood flowing and joints supple. Exercise is of course important for everyone,and as such should be incorporated in to a daily routine. You will find that the exercises designed for wheelchair users can greatly build a person's strength.

See the NHS site for more fitness advice for wheelchair users

Other benefits of wheelchair exercise

Like any exercise, wheelchair exercise also serves to give the wheelchair user a sense of confidence, freedom and self esteem. The body remains flexible and strength can increase in other parts of the body when exercise is taken seriously and regularly. The wheelchair user will be doing themselves a great deal of good in maintaining major organs like developing healthy lungs and a healthy heart through wheelchair exercise as well as keeping your body weight at a healthy level.

There are specific routines that can be adopted when performing wheelchair exercises. The upper body is the focus of attention, with arms, neck, shoulders and upper torso all getting a challenging workout. It is essential that the wheelchair user warms up fully before beginning the daily workout particularly in cold conditions, cooling down after exercise is also imperative.

In addition maintaining a healthy attitude is everything when it comes to wheelchair exercise and for some setting objectives is a good idea as long as they remain attainable and realistic. Exercise is a great way to improve both your body and mind so try not to allow your disability to take that opportunity away from you.

There are two kinds of exercise that can be performed in a wheelchair; resistance training and strength training. Resistance training uses large sized rubber bands which the user works against to build strength in a number of ways. Lifting weights is also a good form of strength training, providing a great way to build strength in your muscles.

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