Following an accident or operation you may require a wheelchair for a relatively short period of time. Wheelchair rental is an appealing option not only for those who suffer from temporary disabilities but for wheelchair users who travel. There are many companies that provide wheelchair rentals or wheelchair hire. Folk interested in wheelchair rental or hire services can can choose from self propelled wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Comfort is important and for those who travel considerable distance s a wheelchair may be a good option to provide the required comfort, convenience, and reduce the stress. If you are one of these wheelchair users, it might be worth asking your doctor to prescribe a wheelchair. Or following an accident its possible your insurance company pay cover all or some of the rental costs. If you'd like to rent a wheelchair go online or, you may choose to check nearby hospitals and clinics so you can check the wheelchair is suitable prior to paying for the rental.

Just because you are only expecting to be in a wheelchair for a limited period please don't' be tempted to scrimp on costs as comfort is a key factor in recovery. If you need access to public transport whilst being wheelchair bound, check the vehicles that you plan to use are accessible for a wheelchair. Most are these days and wheelchair accessibility is improving year on year.

Do you rent hire or buy a wheelchair ?

If you plan to go on a holiday and travel by plane, look for wheelchair rental services specifically for those who travel, in general your own or rented wheelchair will be placed in the hold of the plane and for the waiting period and boarding time you will be provided with a transit wheelchair from your travel partner. Wheelchair rental companies are generally happy to assist where they can and have vast experience in the sort of problems you are likely to come across. Most wheelchair hire providers will meet you at the entrance with your chosen wheelchair ready to go but make sure they help you to assess that it is of the right type and size and that it has been serviced recently to avoid problems further down the line. Some wheelchair rental companies also provide car hire services which are wheelchair friendly.

If you are luck enough to be heading off in to the sun on a cruise you can generally rent a wheelchair on board but be sure to enquire and reserve well in advance. Some cruise lines may even provide specific facilities intended for those with physical disabilities, short or long term.

Its little things like door widths and light switches that are within your reach that make the difference. Also, bathrooms should have handrails and wheel-in shower facilities for you convenience. In general most cruise ship operators are very welcoming to wheelchair users and do all that they can to make your trip in your wheelchair enjoyable and safe. If you are looking to hire a wheelchair then please visit here