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Portable Swivel Seat Rotating Car Cushion

Portable Swivel Seat Rotating Car Cushion

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A brilliant turntable seat cushion solution

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Simply place the swivel seat car cushion on the seat, sit down and gently rotate the body. The swivel seat will turn easily enabling you to comfortable access in and out of your car. Made from durable, easy clean quilted material.

A swivel cushion for your car

Light, Portable and easy to store when not in use. This portable swivel seat rotating cushioncan be used in many situations but is very hand to make getting in and out of the car or van easy. It is made using quality materials and is easy to fit.


• Simple to fit
• Unique anti-slip base
• Flexible construction adapts to most car seats
• Comfortable and durable


• Size:     17" fits most cars


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